Riding Lessons at Willowbank Equestrian Center

Our relationship with horses and ourselves is explored through direct experience of living with, caring for and riding horses. Lessons include grooming, tacking up, ground work, riding, cool down and cleaning tack.

Horse Riding Lessons

We offer Beginner, Basic Riding & Jumping, and Dressage riding lessons from a Centered Riding® perspective. Riding lessons take place all year long, rain or snow, with our indoor and outdoor riding arenas and natural spaces. A viewing room is attached to the riding arena from which family can watch the lessons comfortably.

Saturday Morning at the Stables

Saturday Group mornings are from 9am to 12:30 pm. The mornings are geared towards the beginner to intermediate rider. The riders are divided into groups, maximum three riders per lesson. While one group rides, the others learn different aspects of horse care and horsemanship.

Private Lessons


2 hours
Private Lessons 2 hours $60.00 (x8 = $450)

Group Lessons


2 hours
Group Lessons 2 hours $47 (x8 = $375.00)

Volunteers have plenty of opportunities to get volunteer hours in on Saturdays and participate in their own complimentary lesson in the afternoon.

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Equine Programs for Health and Well Being

Horses can help us in many ways, from the benefits of physical exercise to mental health. Willowbank is currently offering new programs with the goal of improved health and well being.