Practical Introduction to the theories & practices underlying our programs.

This full day workshop (6 hours) is suitable for Community Health Managers, Therapeutic Riding Instructors, Counsellors, Social Workers, Parents, Volunteers and Equestrian Facilitators or Volunteer Candidates (and students in such fields) and anyone interested in Horse/Human Relationship as a health promotion tool.

Two follow-up Workshops will also be available. The three Willowbank Workshops will involve seminars and horse/rider interactions in-hand or mounted, at increasing levels of complexity.

We will address topics such as Centering and Meditation; Autonomic Nervous System Structure and Function; Sensory Acuity re: Proprioception, Position, Movement and Emotions; Coherence and Entrainment; Interactions between Adrenal Stimulation and Coherence with respect to behaviour, and relevance to teaching and learning horsemanship.

9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Next Workshop coming soon $70/person with lunch

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Equine Programs for Health and Well Being

Horses can help us in many ways, from the benefits of physical exercise to mental health. Willowbank is currently offering new programs with the goal of improved health and well being.