Job Training

Training for a career with horses is available, including for those with moderate physical or mental limits.

Begin the life-long learning process of caring for, relating to, and achieving the best possible for individual horses – and they ARE individuals!

Cost: The fee for teaching, demonstrations and supervision by Willowbank Staff is $5/Trainee hour.

Employment training will require variable schedules depending on each candidate. For candidates clearly demonstrating experience and suitability, 1 week in training may be sufficient to absorb our procedures. For all Trainees, a daily Training Report will be kept, indicating personal suitability (e.g. personality, work ethic, teamwork), tasks assigned, skills, abilities, and efficiency demonstrated; and difficulties encountered. Training schedules may be adjusted and renewed.

On completion of the Training, Trainees will receive a Certificate of Participation, a Work Report indicating Tasks performed successfully, and a Letter of Recommendation.

For those with short concentration span, limited ability:

2 hr/day – 3 days/week
Initial 8 weeks = $240

Some Experience or Speedy Learner:

up to 6 hr/day – 5 days/week
Initial 4 weeks =$600

As soon as the Supervisor of the Trainee finds the Trainee competent for designated duties in the time allowed, the Supervisor, in consultation with at least 2 other staff members, will prepare a Final Report for the Trainee. Together with a Letter of Recommendation, these documents will inform prospective employers regarding skills, abilities and experience at Willowbank.

We cannot guarantee to employ all ‘graduates’. Graduates may apply as positions become available.

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Equine Programs for Health and Well Being

Horses can help us in many ways, from the benefits of physical exercise to mental health. Willowbank is currently offering new programs with the goal of improved health and well being.