The Benefits of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the oldest and yet most progressive forms of holistic therapy. In ancient Greece, work with horses was central to the rehabilitation of traumatized soldiers!

Programs are available for children, youth and adults with or without any diagnosed disability. Try some adult stress release before you start loosing sleep!


Share both bonding and movement with the horse and, through sensitive non-verbal communication, develop an interdependent relationship. This work inspires self-confidence, responsibility and teamwork. Best of all, it is thoroughly enjoyable!

From the beginning, riders improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and awareness through therapeutic, whole body stimulation. Carefully planned experiential exercises develop poise, posture, and emotional balance.

Bonds of caring and responsibility develop as the rider takes part in the daily routine of horses and equipment.

Equestrian skills, teamwork and leadership evolve, and the rider becomes increasingly independent. Achievement provides motivation and a sense of self-worth as incremental challenges are met.


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Normalization of muscle tone, development of gross & fine motor skill, motor coordination, planning & sequencing, flexibility, strength and gracefulness. Learn to ride!

Grounding, centering, self-esteem, reduced aggression, consistency, self control, express preferences and make choices; learn to sense and respect the needs, likes, dislikes and temperament of another.

Relationships – with horse, peers, support team, instructor (assist, compete, be with, avoid, reach out, share, take turns, defend, set boundaries); communicate (receptive & expressive by touch, facial expression, movement, verbal).

Attention (span, focus, re-focus, multiple focus, joint attention); academics (colours, symbols, letters, numbers, counting, spelling, reading); learn about horses.